Bernie Supporters Got Screwed. We’re Next.

Hillary the Lady Macbeth of LittlerockThe Democrat Party, the Hillary Campaign, and the Media stole the Democrat nomination away from Bernie Sanders. They robbed him and his supporters of the opportunity to represent the party. The Podesta emails alongside emails from the Democrat party and Hillary herself confirm this.

And they didn’t just steal the election, they insulted Sanders and his supporters, right here in New Hampshire.

And now, in preparation for what could be a disastrous defeat for Clinton, the Democrat Party, the Hillary Campaign, and the media, are laying out the narrative for her defeat. The Russians are rigging the election with those illegal emails. The one’s that prove Bernie and his supporters got robbed? Those emails. The emails that, were they about Republicans fixing the primary or colluding with the media, would be called an act of journalism.

That’s right. In 21st Century America, if we want actual journalism, we have to rely on a guy sequestered away in a foreign embassy and (if in fact, the Russians were responsible for the hack which I have reservations about) a foreign government.

The guy, who represents the face of Wikileaks, is a person Hillary wanted to kill with a drone strike.

The foreign nation, Russia, has a political ideology that parallels the sort of government that Hillary, the Democrat Party, and the Media want for America.

So, after stealing an election from Bernie, they want us to believe that they aren’t the ones trying to steal the general election for Hillary? That the words of Democrats and the media, something called facts and evidence, should be ignored because it shows them for who they are?

Add to that the Veritas videos which show again, and again, that Democrats don’t just rig elections, it is a necessary strategy that has been in active use for at least 50 years to get them into office.

The Clinton’s are as dirty as they come. Should the Democrats and the Media successfully steal the presidency for her, you can probably kiss the country goodbye. Obama’s Imperial Presidency will be solidified under Clinton. Congress will be less than it is now, which is not much.

And anyone who is not behind Clinton, including Sander’s supporters, will be enemies of the state.

So here’s an idea. Instead of the GuyFaulkes Masks that have become so trendy perhaps we should all start wearing Vince Foster masks?

What? You don’t expect “suicides” to sky-rocket under a President Hillary Clinton?