Accusations against Trump: deja vu all over again, right Amy Conveno?

amyconvenoIt hit me yesterday what is happening with NBC sitting on that tape with Billy Bush, the New York Times going back 30 years for a woman who claims she was “touched inappropriately”,

Sidenote: “inappropriately”; heck, at a lot of colleges / universities nowadays, “inappropriately” can mean almost anything a victim or SJWs (or just illiterate spoiled precious snowflakes) want it to mean including just looking / starting at someone. Go ahead, challenge me on this.

WaPo and LAT chiming in as well. All of the MSM seems to be aligned for one singular person – and I remembered, that I’ve seen this all before in using sexual allegations and the press circled like the Democrat-with-bylines they are.  And we had a STERLING example of it happening, courtesy of WMUR’s Amy Coveno:

Tonite was a great “teachable moment” in how the MSM can make anyone appear in a bad light – all it takes is an uppity attitude, a whiny voice, a TV camera, and a pre-determined narrative.

I made it downstairs it to the press availability (already in progress) after the event – it was CLEAR that the press had an agenda and they were pursuing it like sharks attracted by chum in the water. All of the reporters there were yelling to get their questions answered – decorum?  What’s that? – and they were all of a single mind with the narrative of “when are you going to quit?!?!?!?!?!”  and they all seemed to be flummoxed that he hadn’t already quit already.

The worst tonite?  The Faux Outrage Prize goes to Amy Coveno of WMUR Channel 9‘s hissy fit when she decided to follow in her co-fellow reporter (and NH WMUR Prez Debate) Josh McElven‘s footsteps as he got caught by a couple of Michelle Bachmann supporters while talking after the Debate with the CNN moderator John King; I wrote at the time:

Well, it seems quite obvious that these two chuckleheads have proved my point as in “let’s make the Republicans look petty, argumentative, and start a food fight”.  Thus, instead of merely reporting the news, they were actively trying to make the news, to start the skewing of public opinion.

…Now, I just saw her “live” 11pm report where she said that “things got a little tense” at the press avail.  Listen, Ms. MSM, YOU were the one that got “tense” and way bent out of shape – “a ham-fisted acting job” would be way too nice a way to put it.  Look, lady, you shrilled your way through the question, tried to put words in his mouth, and you got caughtBy a lowly blogger, as you thought that none of your fellow journalists would never tattle on you (actually, they’d help you in your bereavement for getting slapped back).


Go read that whole post. The upshot is that they the MSM ran Herman Cain off the national stage – deliberately.  They saw him as an existential threat (a black conservative independently successful without the help of government – he crucified their narrative and must be punished) and now they are doing the same to Donald Trump.  They ganged up like a pack of hyenas and wouldn’t let go until they had shred a good man’s reputation (and no, I am not defending Trump here, only describing how the MSM protects its own and their Presidential candidate).

“It was only sex” when Bill Clinton actually and physically attacked women – Trump only had to talk about it.  Typical, these Progressives in the MSM are all agog about Bill Clinton still and are proponents for demolishing traditional sexual mores (how many DON’T support Obama mandate to allow men into womens’ bathrooms and high school boys into girls’ locker rooms and they’re ASTONISHED that men start living and talking down to the “barely above the ground” low bar of conduct they’ve help to set?  Color me non-plussed…but I think there are a LOT of examples that can be given whereby the MSM can be proven to be complicit.

So, Donald Trump is getting “Herman’d” or “Cain’d”.

And you wonder why those of us on the Right no longer pay you folks money and no longer subscribe to your works?  No wonder the Democrats on the FEC and FCC don’t want to wait for the autocrats and despots (“stakeholders” in the formerly US owned Internet) to start crushing dissent.