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Notable Quote – Camilla Paglia

If once, why not twice (emphasis mine)?

[Today’s college students] have no sense of the great patterns of world history, the rise and fall of civilisations like Babylon and Rome that became very sexually tolerant, and then fell. If you’ve had no exposure to that, you can honestly believe that ‘There is progress all around us and we are moving to an ideal state of culture, where we all hold hands and everyone is accepted for what they are … and the environment will be pure…’ – a magical utopian view that we are marching to perfection. And the sign of this progress is toleration – of the educated class – for homosexuality, or for changing gender, or whatever.

To me it’s a sign of the opposite, it’s symptomatic of a civilisation just before it falls: ‘we’ are very tolerant, not passionate, but there are bands of vandals and destroyers circling around the edge of our civilisation who will bring it down.

The Left continues its march of “IT’S ALL ABOUT ME!  ME!  ME!” – remember, it was the Socialist Democrat Party that decided that God shouldn’t be part of its platform last go around.  Well, when you no longer worship God, you’ll find something else and the Left believes it is ME!  And if it truly about ME!, then everyone has to pay attention to ME! regardless of what goofy idea about “Feelings, nothing more than Feelings” I might have about something at any particular time I desire.  In other words, nothing matter that isn’t important to ME!

And boy, you had better pay attention because my ME! is more important than your ME!  And if you say otherwise, you’re nothing but hate speech, racist, homophobic heteronormative (and a bunch of anything else that keeps the reality of the world away from ME!).

Sorry for the paucity of blogging and not really much original thought but it has been one of those nights (actually, the last few) where Life has insisted it is more important than writing.

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