Couldn't happen to a more Socialist union - SEIU Healthcare Illinois-Indiana. - Granite Grok

Couldn’t happen to a more Socialist union – SEIU Healthcare Illinois-Indiana.

New Labor Department filings show that it has lost 8,000 dues-paying members and $4 million in revenue since the justices’ decision, which held that that state-subsidized homecare providers could no longer be forced to support the union. Without that power, it is losing its grip over its members.

The federal filings show that the union went from 64,000 dues-paying members in 2014 to 56,000 at the end of last year. Over the same period, membership dues declined from $37 million to $32 million. Overall, the union’s revenue fell from $44 million to $40 million.

Gee, look what happens when workers have the FREEDOM to decide for themselves what is the best way to work and negotiate with employers.  SEIU did an end-round and Shanghai’d these folks into a union with the Democrats help by fiat. Karma, baby; people deciding with their pocketbooks when a union is more concerned with political power than actually providing value to their members.

Just like the Free Market – you only benefit, be you a union, a mom and pop, or a multi-national, when you serve your fellow citizens.  For that is what capitalism is – serving others.  Else, they won’t trade their money for your goods and services.  And SEIU is learning this the hard way.

(H/T: Washington Examiner)