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Once again, a Democrat gets the Conservative stance wrong

“GOP Wants ‘To Emasculate Gov’t At Every Possible Turn”

In a lot of cases, yes, the Federal Government should be emasculated – it is too large, too powerful, too intrusive.  The problem is, however, is that it sticks itself into areas into which it has no Constitutional authorization to do.  For instance, where in the Constitution does it say it should be in charge of school breakfasts?  Is that one of the enumerated Powers listed?  And if so, please show me where it is?

The premise by Democrat Representative John Yarmouth (D-KY) is that Government should always be involved  in everything – that is the Progressive way.  But what Conservatives really want is limited government – what it is supposed to do within Constitutional bounds and then do those few things it should be doing, doing them exceedingly well.  About the thing that the Feds do exceedingly well is the printing of checks.  Period.  It writes a lot of checks and while it can print, we see everyday that some of those checks shouldn’t have been cut in the first place – so even that has been compromised.

“Emasculate” is the wrong word (although somewhat appealing) but it leaves the wrong outcome – a zombie government, walking haplessly around flailing around and making things worse because it can only do things badly and weakly – and doesn’t meet the actual concern.

Instead, the word to be used is “pruning” – as in to save a tree or bush, and to give it the chance to be robust and healthy, the bad parts need to be completely lopped off.  That allows what’s left to rejuvenate and be better.  Ditto with government.

And the “pruning” tool for government? Three simple questions:

  • Is this Constitutionally mandated and permitted – is it an enumerated Power?
  • Is this a Want or a Need on the part of Politicians, bureaucracies, or special interests?
  • And why the States can’t do this?

(H/T: CNSNews)