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Have You Tried NASA’s New “Fudge”?


James Hansen was a climate apparatchik before the global warming gravy-train got rolling and has served the climate-fraud movement well from his perch at NASA; a view that affords him the power and resources to rewrite history however he sees fit.

To that end, we have a comparison between data recorded and published by the IPCC near the dawn of its mission (to create fear and panic as a means of allowing the UN to redistribute power, influence, and wealth) to more recent data modified by NASA for the same purpose.

As you can see (sea?) NASA’s 2015 plot ‘fudges’ actual reported sea levels after 1925 and even goes above and beyond the numbers purported to be accurate (if not entirely exaggerated) in a 1990 IPCC report.

NASA Fudged more numbers - this time on sea level rise
NASA Fudged more numbers – this time on sea level rise

Yes, they will spin some bull about the old data but that’s bull and we know it. The CRU hide-the-decline scandal made it clear long ago that intimidation, lying, obscuring, or just hiding facts that contradict their narrative is essential to success.

Success is a deal to secure the involuntary redistribution of wealth from rich countries to poor, through the fingers of the powerful and connected. CO2 based warming is just the latest drug mule.

Cronies and governments will get fatter, more powerful, and more corrupt at our expense. Temperatures, glaciers, ice, storms, fires, and sea level will do whatever they were going to do regardless.

And no, neither the Maldives nor the Marshall Islands is in more or less danger than it ever wasthough they will say and do anything if it gets them free money. And NASA’s newest fudge is just what the Climate Cult ordered.

Maldives Sea level records 1990-2015


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