Free Speech? On college campuses, that's considered HATE speech - Granite Grok

Free Speech? On college campuses, that’s considered HATE speech

Political Correctness 2Orwellian: freedom from religion is religious freedom.  Owellian: freedom of speech has become freedom OF speech.  Both of our fundamental rights are being redefined to its exact opposite by the Marxist Left a la Political Correctness and “never offend anyone”.

GraniteGrok’s response to that is short and pithy: screw you.  If you can’t withstand criticism, if you believe that you have the right to never have to defend yourself in an argument with someone that holds opposite views and runs rings around you in that debate, go home to Momma and Daddy, go sit in the corner of your basement, curl up in a ball and drool on yourself.  Stay there until you have looked inside your belly button long enough to have figured out that your soul is empty and pitiful and only outdone by the vacuousness of your cranium that is devoid of a singular thought or any kind of logical reasoning.

Don’t expect me to bow to your inability to hold and express a coherent thought, you sad little precious snowflake when the hot burner of real life is turned onto the 0.001 setting (out of 10). I have no intention of making or cutting you any slack – nor letting you define what I can / cannot say or think simply because it would hurt your outsized but inadequate ego. You can take your irrelevant sense of fairness and stick it where the sun don’t shine, you simulacrum of an actual grown up.

Getting that off my shoulder, listen to this: