The Media Are Sheep And Democrats are Still Better Shepherds

liberal-media-bias1What’s the difference between the Steve Scalise Story and The Terry Bean Story?

NH Democrat state party Chair Ray Buckley knows accused pederast Terry Bean.  They both serve on the Democrat National Committee.  They have been in the same room with each other more than once, had dinner with the president, and they may even have each others contact information.  Bean is accused of raping a 15 yer old boy.

Steve Scalise is not from New Hampshire but 12 years ago he spoke to a group in the same hotel, on the same day, where White Supremacists would later gather.   At least some of the latter were there to hear the speech and report on it back in 2002.

The Scalise story from 2002 broke Dec 29th 2014, and hit the NH Press Dec 30th.  Terry Bean, accused of sexually assaulting a minor on November 20th 2014,  has not yet been mentioned in the NH press.

Why is a story about a US Rep from Louisiana (who spoke at a hotel 12 years ago) more important to the NH Media than a high-ranking Democrat accused of Pederasty with ties to New Hampshire?  The NH Democrat party issued a press release on December 30th pressuring Republican Frank Guinta to denounce Scalise.  Chairman Ray Buckley made it news.

As of yesterday morning stories about Scalise and the 2002 speech were easy enough to find on NH Insider and NH Journal.  They pushed out Buckley’s press release and Ed Naile wrote about Scalise and mentions Bean at NHI on Dec 31st.

The Keene Sentinel reported on the Scalise story yesterday.

The Concord Monitor had an editorial on Dec 31 on the arc of the scandal.

And WMUR has reported on the bipartisan support from Louisiana’s delegation for Scalise.

None of them to their credit, exclusively ground Buckley’s axe demanding that Guinta ask Scalise to resign.  It was surprisingly balanced reporting.

A day after Buckley’s press release clarifications have begun to pour in with regard to Scalise’ audience and the time of the event.  He wasn’t there to speak to neo-nazis nor was he invited by that group to speak, but their event was that afternoon in the same hotel and some may have listened in on his remarks.  Again, to the old media’s credit, they included some of that speculation in their initial coverage.

To Mr. Guinta’s credit, he does not appear to have taken the Democrat party bait and rushed out a response because Democrats demanded one.

My suggestion, should he desire to respond at all, is to use that public declaration to demand that Charmian Ray Buckley resign for his association with a prominent accused pederast in his own national party committee.   Be bold.  Let them know that if they want to play this game you will play it by their rules.

As a side dish, the entire New Hampshire Democrat clown-car of committee members and ranking officials should be encouraged to form a denouncement conga-line.  Kathy Sullivan, Jeanne Shaheen, Ann Kuster, and company need to renounce Terry Bean.  He is a major Democrat donor and an icon in the gay rights community.  He is accused of raping a 15 year old boy.  Are Democrats changing the narrative to ‘We did it TO the Children”?  Does your month-long silence connote acceptance of pederasty as a feature of that community not worthy of comment?

Where is that famous outrage of which you are so proud?  No pressers, no protests, no riots.  No one is appearing before cameras dressed as a 15 year old to appeal for the rights of sexually abused boys…”all across this great nation.”  No parades of post-pubescent, pre-voter-age victim-class plebes waiting to be milked by the Democrat party?  (Talk about optics imitating real life.)

Why not mention how Democrats doubled the national debt in just a few years, fiscally buggering 15 year olds “all across this great nation.”

I bet the old media would report that!

As of this writing the New Hampshire media has still not reported on Democrat chair Ray Buckley’s close association with an accused pederast.    They have no clued the public into the accused pederast’s association with the National or state Democrat party; nor to groups Bean associates with who have dumped campaign money into Democrat pockets in New Hampshire.

But a guy from Louisiana who was in a hotel where there were a handful of white Supremacists wandering around (12 years ago) is a story with more relevance to Granite Staters?  Even if he accepted an invitation to their actual event, and spoke to them, how is that more relevant to us, that Bean and Buckley.

Is it a genuine case of media bias or of Democrats being better at using the media to sew narratives into the fabric of voters minds.  Are the NH Media political sheep and the Democrats just better shepherds?

That is a part of the problem.

The progressive media establishment seems eager to advance left-leaning progressive narratives even from right to center.  They look for stories that advance ideas they share and call it news.

If the right does not push them to report anything else the majority of the old media in New Hampshire will ignore stories that shine a negative light on their worldview.  You must force them outside their narrative box.

The solution for Republicans is to be bold.  You must challenge progressives and point out their hypocrisy.  They make it easy.  Point it out to the media.  Point it out in the media.  And do it often.  If the media doesn’t report that send that to a blogger and tell them that story.  Tell them you hand delivered it to the old media and they are dragging their heels or are not interested.

Now there are two stories.  That puts them all on defense.

No, it may make you any friends in the press but they are not your friends now.  They are not there to help you and you know that.  In fact, the media are as likely to bring stories and narratives to Democrats as the other way around.

Republicans, conservatives, Libertarians, you have other options.  The alternative media in New Hampshire is diverse and the activist community pays attention to them.  If you refuse to take advantage of that you will continue to find yourselves herded into corners by Democrats and their media sheep.