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Notable Quote – Stacy McCain

Stacy looking for the candidate Yet as Friedrich Hayek showed, social justice is a mirage — the utopia toward which radical egalitarian ideologues claim to be leading us does not exist, and can never exist, simply because human society requires social order and all social orders involve hierarchy. Once you realize that “equality” is a false goal, you realize that what progressives are actually doing is destroying the existing social order — democracy, economic liberty, the rule of law — with the intention to replace it with a social order controlled by a political elite, with less real liberty for the “masses” and no rule of law to protect the rights of individuals.

It is amazing to me that any American would let these hateful demagogues appealing to prejudice persuade us to embrace their “social justice” swindle, a dishonest scam by which a power-hungry elite seek to defraud us all of our true inheritance, liberty.

– Stacy McCain (“The Other McCain“), investigative reporter, editor, blogger

(H/T: Instapundit)