GrokTALK! June 22, 2013 - Granite Grok

GrokTALK! June 22, 2013

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Skip and Steve open the program with the Hillary Clinton Sex scandal, Obama spying on William and Kate, Chelsea Clinton wishing she didn’t exist, Inspector Palooza and the new bureaucratic police state and the building blocks of tyranny, being on “the list,” GOP Lynch-mobs, and making speech less free.

Ed Naile, drops by to talk to us about the deeper implications of the recent Judge John Lewis decision regarding New Hampshire’s Scholarship program, RSA 491:22, the ongoing drama of another Lewis decision-the mobile domicile ruling (mobile domicile for Democrat voting purposes), with a tangent onto the shift in charitable giving; away from private groups because of government interference.

Ken Eyring, Gives us a refresher on the Federalization of state and local activity through Granite State Futures Program and its puppet masters at HUD, DOT, and the EPA, the false perception of public acceptance, what the pre-determined outcomes are at their so-called “listening sessions,” and how the deck is stacked against us.

And Bill Boyd, a town councilor from Merrimack introduces us to WS4 – the EPAs new permitting rules for storm water management by New Hampshire Municipalities, and the insane amount of money it will cost taxpayers and how unlikely it is they will be able to comply with outlandish federal rules and their unrealistic time tables.

All that and everything else we could squeeze into two hours. It’s not your typical political talk program, It’s GrokTALK!


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