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Doodlings – TreeHugger proves my point of my previous post

Update: Apologies to Leigh Webb for misspelling his name – posts are being corrected.

That post is here – totalitarianism of the environmental movement. Yeah, I’m still banned over at TreeHugger (you can tell by its name, yes?).  I guess that I keep sinning – Strict Environmentalism heterodoxy cannot allow for any straying from the permitted speech.  Sure, there is a “Conservative heterodoxy” here at the ‘Grok as well, but as long as you don’t run yourself against Rule #1, we tolerate most other views or outbursts the vast majority of the time.

But not at TreeHugger. This time, they are trying to cover for Nanny Bloomberg who cares not a whit for what people want for themselves but only for how he thinks they should behave.  This time, the headline is “Bloomberg plans to get New Yorkers composting

Sidenote: just like NH State Representative Lee Leigh Webb who recently summed up his (and the Democratic and Progressive philosophy):

The role of government is to legislate behavior

Once again, in a single sentence, we see the underlying mantra of the totalitarianism that is the Progressive Democrat agenda: You WILL do what we tell you to do – and we are redefining “freedom” such that you still think you have some.

Back to the post – the problem with the headline should be obvious – yes, Nanny Bloomberg IS planning composting for NYC but the operative word failure is “get”.  However, that is the wrong word – the proper word, if you read the post, should have been “force“.  Once again, we see a Progressive that believes that what he knows to be best for all will force others to do it – voluntary participation will not be part of the final solution.

Yet again, I could not help myself – even having been banned (hey, hope springs eternal – or is it merely waving a red flag?):

One commenter, Joseph Sawicki, left these words

Kudos. I hope this plan goes through and they give people an easily accessible way to compost their waste.

“An easily accessible way”?  Really?  Easy?  What part of easy is this?  so I left this:

“easily accessible way “What is so easy about being mandatory?  Nice incentive – pay fines or go to jail.

Easy has an underlying connotation of “I get a choice in this” – Bloomberg will be “requiring New Yorkers to separate their food scraps for composting” in which there will be no choice.  Mr. Sawicki may well have the personal belief to do this on his own and that would be fine but we can see the tacit approval for taking away choice in a very tritefull manner.

Oh yeah – TreeHugger refused to post my comment.