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Shaheening – 501(c)(4) For Me But Not For Thee?

Shaheening; to be Shaheend:

Named after our soon to be former New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen, defined as either applying political pressure against the same thing you are simultaneous hoping to take advantage of for yourself, or being the victim of the pressure applied.

Ex: While New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen and her Senate allies were writing to the IRS to tell them to look into 501(c)(4) social welfare groups who were being overtly political in violation of the law, Senator Shaheen was also  begging Obama For America (OFA), directly or through proxies, for their voter list data before her re-election in 2014.   OFA (the same group now operating as Organizing for America) is looking to register as a 501(c)(4), so Senator Sheen would be receiving a significant partisan political advantage from a 501(c)(4), after having asked the IRS to investigate 501(c)(4)’s for exercising their status for partisan political purposes.

The Tea Party group had to fill out long questionnaires and provide hundred of pages of supporting information before being denied Tax exempt status, while the liberal group was approved without all that fuss, no problem.

That Tea Part group was just Shaheend.