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NH Democrats Focused on The Economy

Hah!  No they’re not.  If that were true they wouldn’t be blowing out the state budget and growing spending five times faster than estimated growth.

Democrats.  Don’t you love them?

What they are actually focused on is off-shoring (that’s a metaphor) their own responsibility for managing our sovereign state.  Instead of standing up and running on the Democrat party stated position on super-duper enhanced background checks at the state level, they are passing the buck on to the Federal government.   It’s a big deal for them, “off-shoring” your state’s rights to the feds.

The lefts fall back argument for off-shoring is that “America” wants background checks.  “America” can kiss my ass.  “America” elected enough morons to pass Obama Care.   “America” voted for Obama twice, a guy who had no background check. This is the guy who passed the buck on Benghazi and doesn’t bother to check in, but an NBA player comes out and he calls that guy.

Four Dead in Ben-Gah-zi.

My last best hope for liberty lies here in those elected officials who are charged with defending me from the tyranny of an overactive central government as was originally intended.  But they can’t even do that.  We’ve got to have more of those national checks because the DNC said so.   Because Obama For A-holes says so.  Because a handful of deficit-ridden coastal progressive basket-case states say so.  Well maybe you could tell the DNC that every state in the nation is free to pass whatever checks it wants.  That if they want or need them so badly, then it should be a piece of cake to pass through local legislatures….

…but here in New Hampshire…what if we do not want it or need it.

Murder rates per 100,000 citizens.  (Keep scrolling…you’ll get to New Hampshire eventually.)

United States Crime Rates 1960 – 2007
U. S. Crime Statistics Total and by State 1960 – 2007

1. District of Columbia 30.8
2. Louisiana 14.2
3. Maryland 9.8
4. Alabama 8.9
5. New Mexico 8.2
6. South Carolina 8.0
7. Georgia 7.5
7. Nevada 7.5
9. Arizona 7.4
10. Mississippi 7.1
11. Michigan 6.7
11. Arkansas 6.7
13. Florida 6.6
14. North Carolina 6.5
14. Missouri 6.5
16. Tennessee 6.4
16. Alaska 6.4
18. California 6.2
19. Oklahoma 6.1
20. Texas 5.9
20. Illinois 5.9
22. Pennsylvania 5.8
23. Indiana 5.6 **US National Rate**
24. Virginia 5.3
25. Kentucky 4.8
26. Ohio 4.5
27. New Jersey 4.4
28. New York 4.2
29. Delaware 4.3
30. Kansas 3.9
31. Nebraska 3.8
32. West Virginia 3.5
33. Idaho 3.3
33. Wisconsin 3.3
35. Colorado 3.1
35. Wyoming 3.1
37. Connecticut 3.0
38. Massachusetts 2.9
39. Washington 2.7
40. Minnesota 2.2
40. Utah 2.2
42. South Dakota 2.1
43. North Dakota 1.9
44. Vermont 1.9
44. Oregon 1.9
46. Rhode Island 1.8
47. Hawaii 1.7
48. Maine 1.6
49. Montana 1.5
50. Iowa 1.2
51. New Hampshire 1.1

Um.  Yeah.  Fifty States and NH is ranked 51, thanks to DC.  Yes. I can see how private gun sales without detailed Federal background checks are a HUGE! problem in our state.

Should we be watching to see if Ray Buckley or Kathy Sullivan are trying to get ‘New Hampshire’ guns into the hands of Canadian radicals across the border?  It’s not as if the Democrats have not tried that trick to advance their anti-gun narrative.

New Hampshire Democrats areclearly more intrested in what the national party wants than what New Hampshire needs. They would rather spend all their effort on a non-issue in our state than craft a spending plan that is in line with the kind of economy we’ve actually got.  But then, that was always true, this just makes it easier to see.