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Guest Post: Vote NO on HB 664, a NH Vaccine Tax Assessment

From Laura Condon – Vote NO on HB 664, a NH Vaccine Tax Assessment  (via Facebook)

There is a little-known vaccine tax assessment bill, HB 664 an act relative to the NH Vaccine Association working its way through the NH legislature that will impose a new, limitless tax assessment on every self-insured business and municipality in the state of New Hampshire that would have the effect of imposing an expanded defacto vaccine mandate on all children for all vaccines ever recommended for use, including new, unproven, largely experimental vaccines. This bill should be properly voted down. The bill is now in the senate and needs your urgent attention and is expected to be voted on by the full senate on May 23. Please contact your state senator today by phone and email and ask them to please vote no on HB 664.  

Your senator can be reached here:

Whether you are a business or taxpayer concerned about the ever-increasing cost of health insurance or a parent concerned about the ever-increasing vaccine mandates, this is a bill you do not want passed. Please know that no harm will come if this bill is not passed, that the vaccine association will continue to operate as it has for 10 years assessing health insurers and through DHHS purchasing all vaccines ever recommended by the CDC. No one will be denied vaccines and there will be no shortage. But voting down HB664 will force the Vaccine Association and DHHS to explain to the public why they are engaged in the most expensive vaccine purchase program in the country, a universal purchase program that has been rejected by 44 other states. It will force this association to provide greater disclosure to the public if they expect the public to pay more and more.Please, it is urgent that you contact your state senator today and ask them to vote NO on HB664.  If you should have questions on this bill, I would be happy to address them.

My email is  Laura Condon, NH State Director of Advocacy for NVIC Bedford, NH