“Can't Keep Up...” - You and me both Steve - Granite Grok

“Can’t Keep Up…” – You and me both Steve

As Steve alluded to yesterday, the beast is so swollen, engorged on coercive bureaucratic fat, that it finally burst, raining juicy Big Gov abuse stories all over the land.  Though the forecast predicted the fallout,  I didn’t think so many would hit in one week. (The cynical side of me thinks that many of these stories would serve as a nice smoke screen distraction to redirect attention from Benghazi, but that’s just my cynical side.)

Big Gov can’t help itself.  The chemistry for abuse is intrinsic to the beast and pushes through its swollen veins, suffusing every crevice.  Hubris and power and a naked zeal to do as one pleases is the toxic cocktail that explodes when mixed in  vast, opaque, honey combed cubicles and goes unchecked.  This is the nature of the ginormous beast and it is impossible to oversee and manage.  There are going to be abuses. There is going to be waist and inefficiencies.  It happens in every entity that grows beyond itself whether it’s a company, a corporation, a code base (sorry for the nerd out), or with government. The difference is that with government, it has the power of the state.  The power to seize, coerce and apply violence to do so.  The power to acquire individual information, property, and throw down demands that the individual must labor to meet in order to “qualify”.

And this is the result.

Quick take on the biggies:

Benghazi is still unresolved and serious questions remain unanswered.  This cannot be forgotten, the full truth must be borne out.

The IRS story is downright chilling.

The AP story, looks like an overreach but I must say this:

Ha, I hope those folks at AP are really bitter. Hope they’re choking on it. They’ve been Obozo’s lackey for years. Worse still, they all overwhelmingly dress to the left and cheer on Big Gov. Well, this is what it brings. You want invasive government? You got it. Big Gov fans always think of the other guy getting it, the one that doesn’t share their views, and not them. Well, wait until they have access to your medical records.  You think it’s invasive now, the cold finger of Big Gov is even more chilling.  And you thought you could trust the Big Gov. Bah… still think so?