"No President has the right to say that he is Judge, Jury, and Executioner" - Granite Grok

“No President has the right to say that he is Judge, Jury, and Executioner”


The meme on the Right is that he does wish that there were no checks and balances holding him back – an absolute unitary President with no co-equal branches of government that could hold him back from doing what he wishes to do in “fundamentally transforming the United States”.  Thus, with this in mind, Rand does have the the right, nay the responsibility, to reiterate the basics of our American form of Government – and what it is not.

Rand Paul On Presidential Non-Right

The Founders knew that these important elements of government had to be separated – just the tinge of Obama assuming he had the right to combine them under the rubric of fighting the War on Terrorism (the phrase which he commanded his Administration not to use) should have been enough for both other branches to be up in arms.

Yet, who was it that was defending the basics of the US Constitution?  Was it former Constitutional Lecturer?  The Old Bulls of the Senate and House, jealously guarding their slice of the power pie? The Black Robed Ones?  Nope, none of them.

The TEA Party dude did – joined by other TEA Party dudes (and one courageous Democrat who put the Constitution ahead of the Party.  Let me say that again – who came to the defense of the Constitution?

Yeah – the TEA Party.  Remember that the next time.  The TEA Party isn’t moving to the Right, it is merely returning to the foundations of our country, to rebuild again.

(H/T: Legal Insurrection)