"Legal Gun Owners Against Stupid Gun-Grabbing Mayors" - Granite Grok

“Legal Gun Owners Against Stupid Gun-Grabbing Mayors”

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Mike ‘Buckshot’ Bloomberg has an organization called Mayors Against Illegal Guns which just spent 12 million dollars of his money on ads in thirteen states–to pressure US Senators to pass some Bloomberg-esque law or other.  But what we really got from these ads was a lesson in how little the folks involved know about safely handling a firearm.

Katie Pavlich at Townhall.com gives us a link to Emily Miller at the Washington Times …

Mr. Bloomberg’s organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, produced two ads featuring a man holding a shotgun, wearing plaid flannel with a camouflage cap and sitting on the tailgate of a pickup truck. While a child swings on a tire in the background, the man says, “I support comprehensive background checks so criminals and the dangerously mentally ill can’t buy guns.”

Plaid flannel?  Camo hat?  Pick-up truck?  I don’t see his dog, did it run off with his banjo?

The ad does not specify if the man is an actor, but he violates all three gun safety rules taught by the National Rifle Association (NRA).

The first rule is to always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. In this case, the children are playing in the yard. Although the viewers can’t see what is to the side of the truck, the man should be pointing the muzzle in the air or at the ground.  

In the ad “Responsibility,” the man has his finger on the trigger, as if ready to shoot. While doing this, he says, “I believe in the Second Amendment, and I’ll fight to protect it. But with rights come responsibilities.” 

I’m thinking…there needs to be a group called “Legal gun owners against stupid gun-grabbing mayors”  that puts out an ad showing America what is wrong with Bloomberg’s ads.  Oh, and while they are at it, they might as well explore how what Bloomberg wants will have no affect on “illegal guns” just the legal gun owners.

The two Bloomberg ads are below, courtesy of the Townhall piece where its author, Katie Pavlich, closes with this…

So let’s review what we’ve seen so far and the bad advice we’ve been given in this call for more gun control:

-Joe Biden telling women to defend themselves by just “blowing two blasts” from a shotgun out the front door (which will get you arrested)

-Colorado Democrat Jessie Uliberri telling an audience to use a ballpoint pen against a madman wielding a gun

-That AR-15s are harder to shoot than shotguns

-Democrat Evie Hudak telling rape survivor Amanda Collins that she couldn’t have prevented being raped with a gun, despite Collins being trained to handle a firearm in self-defense

-CNN’s Piers Morgan calling an AR-15 an “AT-15”


Moral of the story? These gun grabbers just don’t know what the hell they are talking about.