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Kevin Sorbo again! Smart actors vs. low-information statists…

KevinSorboBookWell, well! There’s a hostile remark to my blog post the other day about Kevin “Hercules” Sorbo (a rare movie star who isn’t an economic and political ignoramus).

See, I said Sorbo was spot-on when he observed that “everything government touches they destroy” (you can see that blog post HERE; his observation about harmful and pernicious government failures starts in the video at 1:40).

Here’s the hostile comment to my blog post:

“So when a not-so-successful actor is saying things you like, they’re wonderful and sagacious and a “Hercules of freedom”‘, but when Hollywood actors say things you don’t like, you have nothing but scorn and derision for them? Just making sure I’m clear on this….”

My response: No, you idiot. When a famous and successful actor says things that are “correct”—i.e. conform to observed reality—I think he’s wonderful, sagacious, and a Hercules-of-Freedom (coming from Hollywood, such observations are quite rare, and are  stated at great risk because of the liberal fascism that holds sway there). Try reading something that doesn’t conform to your simplistic CNN-and-MSNBC worldview for a change. And…like Kevin Sorbo, pay attention to reality—i.e. the entirely predictable results of the use of monopoly government power to supplant personal responsibility and the marketplace—no matter how painful it may be to you as a mind-numbed statist.

(Sheesh. Sorry. Sometimes it just feels good to unload on the low-information types, numerous as they are.)