Guest Post by e.doG - "But a Mere Point of View on Plagiarized Platitudes" - Granite Grok

Guest Post by e.doG – “But a Mere Point of View on Plagiarized Platitudes”

(Note: I often cross-post content on NH Insider.  I appears that Mr. Selig had comments there as well. found them, and here responds.)

But a Mere Point of View on Plagiarized Platitudes

Heeeeee’s back.  Some guys just don’t know when to shut up and crawl under a rock … thank Tod.  So, our dutiful town administrative hero, I. Toddius Selig, is plying his peculiar brand of apology over at NH Insider  for his gross acts of plagiarism in true Bill Clinton style: “I did not have sex with that source, not once … We just shared a special bond, ya, that’s it, a special bond involving me “lifting” huge amounts of text from their writings, ‘cuz we have one of those loving – those sharing – kinda relationships – group hugs!”  I guess ol’ Todd ain’t none too proud about whom he sleeps around with as he also kept the NH Municipal Association’s identity secret.  I guess they’re a real dog – perhaps coyote ugly?

But now Toddo claims his biggest “contributor” to his pithy prose was none other than the most “excellent” – if he does say so, himself – New Hamster Municipal Association.  Apparently, Todd, you often whisper sweet nothings into their ears, such as “keep[ing] the organization informed relative to my efforts”?  Funny how you mention your forgotten girlfriend now that the cat’s out of the bag.  Perhaps there’s been some blowback because you didn’t treat her right.  Maybe she’s withholding special favors?  Or perhaps it’s all about the cause: more tax money to feed Nanny’s rapacious appetite – damn the rules!

Gee, I wunder how long it took Todd I. Selig to concoct this tactical response to the crushing cacophonous calls of plagiarism?   Plagiarism you say?  Say it ain’t so Joe … Biden.  And Toddius’ response: me thinks thou doth protest too much, I’m not paid for my scribblings, I’m no academic, the dog ate my homework.  The list of cleverly veiled excuses goes on and on.

Clearly, Sodd, when one commits acts of plagiarism in skools of Grater Learnin’, the ‘utes aren’t paid, aren’t professional, and most often not academic.  (I mean, have you read what they pass off as writing?)  Now technically, you could make the argument that many students are professionals, as many appear to make a career out of plying the halls of academia for countless years blathering about this or that, and many “get paid” by extracting coin from the taxpayer’s pocket.  So yes, they could be construed as professional in a Clintonian sense of the parsing.  But I’m confused.  Does this mean professionals are supposed to site their work, but non-pros like you are not?  Perhaps you have one of those special hall passes that allow you to do things the rest of us may not.

And in true pol fashion, it’s not about Todd’s bad behavior: we need to move the discussion forward to what’s important, the people’s bi’ness – “I HAVE ASPIRIN FACTORIES TO BLOW UP!”.  Of course, we already picked apart “his” proposal to nearly double the gasoline tax at length, to grow Nanny’s waistline to ever greater proportion – we’re well beyond Titian sensibilities at this point – and ignore any calls to inspect how the current money taken is being spent.  But it was never really about the roads and bridges to begin with, was it?

By the way, Todd I. Selig, did you have someone write “your” response for you?  Perhaps a texting-buddy over at New Hamster Municipal Associations?  Please share.

– C. dog takes no credit; this snarky retort wrote itself