Gun Control is about Obama's Political Agenda, not Saving Lives - Granite Grok

Gun Control is about Obama’s Political Agenda, not Saving Lives

President Obama says, “If it only saves one life….” Then he promotes gun restrictions that will kill more law abiding Americans than they save.

If it were really his goal, President Obama could do many things that actually save lives.

Closing the border and removing the incentives for people to come or stay here illegally would annually save hundreds of lives and thousands from becoming violent crime victims.

He could lead the charge against smoking which kills approximately 449,000 Americans annually, including approximately 44,000 who die from second hand smoke (source: Centers for Disease Control). Thus, about four times as many people are killed by America’s 43 million smokers as by America’s 80 million gun owners.  Guns also often save innocent lives, smoking only harms people.

He could lead the charge against alcohol which causes about 100,000 deaths annually. And, according to an NIDA report, about half of vehicle accident deaths and about 60% of all homicides are attributed to alcohol.

I don’t advocate outlawing smoking or drinking, but Presidential leadership for reduced smoking and drinking could save lives.

Increased CAFÉ standards are true “blood for oil.” Many studies, e.g., by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, indicate that higher CAFÉ standards increase highway deaths by about 2000 deaths annually. A Department of Transportation study indicated that each mile per gallon increase results in approximately 7000 additional deaths.  Thus, President Obama’s increased CAFÉ standards from 27.5 to 54.5 MPG will cause approximately 189,000 additional traffic deaths (the equivalent of about 18 years’ worth of gun homicides).

President Obama could save lives by enforcing current gun laws.  Most crimes are committed by people known to law enforcement or their associates, but the politicians can’t or don’t care enough to make law enforcement protect law abiding people from these criminals.

In 2010 only 44 of the 80,000 people who lied (when trying to purchase guns) on background check forms were prosecuted!! Overall Federal gun prosecutions are down 40-45% from the Bush years. Enforcing existing laws could save lives!

If President Obama displayed concern for unborn Americans, if he promoted adoption, if he promoted more responsible sex, then just a 1% reduction in abortions would save as many lives as are taken annually by guns.

With so many things that he could do to save lives, why does President Obama only focus on gun control, restricting the Constitutional rights of law abiding citizens and probably making more innocent victims than it saves?

It seems that gun control is the focus, not because it saves lives, but because it supports President Obama’s political agenda of increasing government power and reducing Citizens’ rights.