Biden, "If it only saves one life." Except, don't do what works .... - Granite Grok

Biden, “If it only saves one life.” Except, don’t do what works ….


Newsflash Atlanta….  Yesterday a youth intent on shooting fellow students at Atlanta’s Price Middle School was stopped by the school’s “Gun Free Zone” sign.  Well, not really, that is just the fantasy that liberals want people to believe.

Actually after wounding multiple people, the shooter was stopped, not by the “Gun Free Zone” sign, but by the school’s armed security officer.

Didn’t President Obama, Senators Feinstein and Schumer and other leftists say that armed security officers at schools were a stupid idea when the NRA suggested them?  Yes, they did.  Apparently if this anti-gun crowd had their way, the shooter could have continued shooting until the police got to the school.  How many children might have died in the 5, 10 or more minutes that it would take for police to arrive?

I wonder what the parents think did a better job of protecting their children, the “Gun Free Zone” sign or the armed security officer?

As usual, the liberals are zero for two.  They were wrong in thinking that the “Gun Free Zone” sign provides any protection and wrong in their objection to armed security for the school and the precious children and adults that go there.