Action Alert: Preserve and Expand School Choice


NH House Democrats Vote to Kill Education Scholarship Program

HB 370, the bill to repeal the educational choice scholarship program instituted in the last session for low-income New Hampshire families, was passed by the NH House last week Wednesday. Apparently the hour and a half of testimony and the nearly 500 education scholarship applications that Network for Educational Opportunity (the only operating scholarship program in the state right now) was not enough to convince Democrats — and a few rogue Republicans — that this scholarship program that creates opportunity must stay.

The bill is now in the hands of the Senate. TAKE ACTION: Please contact all Senators and ask them to support the K-12 scholarships by voting against HB 370 the repeal.

Expand School Choice: Revive Freedom in the New Hampshire District System

The House Education Committee recently recommended HB 479 as “Inexpedient to Legislate.” HB 479 would enable the creation of new school districts based on the petition of ten residents. This important bill would give additional educational opportunities, however unlike other options, all funds stay within the public school system. The district system is a well-tested, moderate solution providing school choice that also allows communities to opt-out of uniform curriculums, such as Common Core, and opens the door to innovation and increased parental involvement. It also leaves the existing public schools in better financial situation by creating an opt-out of state funding (leaving more funds to go to existing state-funded schools).

This is yet another common sense solution that would increase freedom, increase educational accountability, and positively impact educational outcomes. Yet, the NH House is poised to kill this bill.

TAKE ACTION: Please contact all Representatives and ask them to support HB 479, a which would help revive our failing school system (71% of New Hampshire schools are failing!) and improve educational outcomes for the next generation.