Where I show that one can break Reagan's 11th Commandment with impunity - Granite Grok

Where I show that one can break Reagan’s 11th Commandment with impunity

Oh sure, folks have castigated the ‘Grok through the years as being “purists” with respect to “who is a good Republican” (and in our case, our “purity” comes merely from two observances: 1) do you vote in line with Constitutional values?, and 2) vote in line with the Party platform values?).  We get accused of breaking Reagan’s Commandment for merely pointing out and commenting when Republicans don’t act according to Republican standards (after all, we disagree with the NH House Minority Leader Gene Chandler when, at the Belknap County Republican Committee meeting this past Wednesday when he pronounced “Any Republican that helps us regain power is a good Republican“) (and the Old Guard Establishment types were all nodding their heads and the newer Conservatives / more Liberty & Freedom types were doing facepalms) .

So, Jan 26th is the annual NH GOP meeting where the Members of the State Committee get to vote for one of two candidates, Jennifer Horn or Andrew Hemingway.  I shall repeat that ALL of the ‘Grok writers have endorsed Andrew Hemingway.  With pleasure and confidence.

Oh wait, there’s three people in the race for NH GOP chair.  Should I have said “then there’s “Andy Martin” “?  I got an email from him (being a Member).  One line stuck out all by its lonesome:

One of my opponents has made outrageous personal attacks against me on the radio

Really?  Why is it, then, when I see this:

Andy Martin
Andy Martin

It immediately gets translated to this:

Donkey ButtOK, let me make this simple – I am betting that less than 3 Members of the State Committee will really complain about this post. Others?  Sure, there may now be some coming up and laughingly say:

“(Hehee) Skip, you shouldn’t  (ho ho ho) have  (HaHaHa!) done (oh, my sides hurt now!) that !!!    (tears now running down their face, doubled over).

*I*’ve got a better chance at being the next NH GOP Chair (and we all know that isn’t happening any time soon) then Martin does.  If I said that the Lyndon LaRouche of NH is Andy Martin, would that be unfair to Lyndon LaRouche?