Well, IS this how the Old Guard Establishment Republicans wish to operate? Well, so can we! - Granite Grok

Well, IS this how the Old Guard Establishment Republicans wish to operate? Well, so can we!

We can play the game of “Sampson brings down the house” (Judges 16) as well as they wish for us to play in their sandbox.  I am on Andrew Hemingway’s email list and while I was working on the post rebutting Bruce Perlo (“Like father, like son? Like Jim Foley, like Bruce Perlo?“), I received this from Andrew:

As the face of our party, I fully expect to be attacked with false claims and baseless attacks from the Democrats. It’s disappointing to see my opponent’s campaign sink to a new low by using a committee member to send out an email to the entire Republican Committee filled with baseless claims and character attacks.

Upon receiving his email, I called Mr. Perlo today and asked him to back up his claims and he was unable to do it. His attacks on my honesty, my character, and to infer that I am anti-Semitic were disgusting.

Exactly what I said in my post – he made a whole lot of accusations and conveniently went after Andrew.  But Bruce’s problem is the for every accusation, the same can be said for Jennifer Horn – or that there is NO history at all of her even trying in these areas.

I am glad of one thing – unlike many in the Party today, Andrew was willing to make waves and stand up for his background, his history, and (better yet), his beliefs.  No tap dancing, no hiding, and no “silence is golden” (actually what I have found, is that “golden silence” is mostly like gold – you are deeply buried to the point of irrelevance).

But this next point was rather interesting – show how inbred the Establishment can be:

When attempting to unsubscribe from this email list, I discovered that the email came from Kevin Smith’s Constant Contact account. I called Kevin who informed me that he was not aware of the content of the email or that it had been sent. Kevin told me his email account had been used by someone working for Jennifer Horn’s campaign for Chairman. I am demanding Jennifer Horn publicly condemn these statements and reveal to the committee what level of involvement she and members of her campaign had in the construction and distribution of this email.

Screw that – we ought to find out who had access to Kevin’s login credentials and find out the “whodunnit” of it.  Or is this more “sniping” from the Establishment – or desperation?

Over the last few election cycles, I have worked tirelessly with many of you to help elect Republicans. From serving as state director of a Presidential campaign to working as an advisor to candidates all across the country, I have done everything possible to help Republicans win elections. During the 2012 cycle I worked with RightChange a Super PAC that supported the candidacy of Mitt Romney. I have vast experience in fundraising, including raising millions of dollars as the director of digital fundraising for Newt Gingrich. From grassroots organizing to directing digital campaigns, I am the most qualified and experienced candidate in this race.

Jennifer Horn as debt and IRS liens.

I ran the largest Republican grassroots activist organization in the state, the Republican Liberty Caucus. As Chairman of the RLCNH, I helped elect over 100 State Representatives. We were recognized as the Republican Liberty Caucus State Chapter of the Year under my leadership.

Jennifer Horn as two failed Congressional campaigns.

Our party Chairman must be able to craft a positive message, raise money to support our candidates, and mobilize the grassroots activists of our party to have one-on-one conversations with voters.

Jennifer Horn couldn’t even create a message strategy during her failed campaigns that could attract Republians and couldn’t even elect herself – what portends for statewide primaries and general elections?

Unfortunately, character assassination is standard operating procedure for some in the establishment crowd of our party. As Chairman, I will work tirelessly to change that culture and unify different factions of our party. I am disappointed in the actions of this person and I ask my opponent to condemn his attacks on my character, just as I spoke out and condemned the attacks on her just a couple of weeks ago.

We must leave these tactics in the past and move forward as a united group of Republicans.

For those that say we attack other Republicans, I say that we point out failures of Republicans to move the Republican aims  to completion.  We have a simple yardstick – the Party platform.  And yes, to that we add an extra measure of what do actual votes and bills do to enhance (or detract) from Individual Liberty and Freedom.  Simple, really – does an action, a vote, or a bill allow Individuals to make more decisions over their lives and those of their families, or does it take that away and hand it to some level of Government?

We generally don’t attack someone personally unless they give reason for us to do so – in that, we’re sort of a cross between a porcupine and a wolverine.   We’re happy to “do our own thing” – but we will will not back down (actually, sometimes it makes us smile – that should tell some folks something).

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 For Our Cause,

Andrew Hemingway