There are Thousands of Left Wing Ironies in the Naked City...This is Just One of Them. - Granite Grok

There are Thousands of Left Wing Ironies in the Naked City…This is Just One of Them.

Lucky 7 ?

If Governor Cuomo was Veruca Salt would it sound like this…”I want the stricter gun legislation  now Daddy!”

Well he got it, and the State of New York’s Blue-Print, fast tracked gun legislation is the poster child for the “we must do something now” crowd and exemplifies–unintentionally I might add–the kind of “equality” progressives believe they can legislate into existence. Sort of.

There is no exception in the New York Gun bill for New York’s finest meaning that no one, including law enforcement, may use or carry a magazine that holds more than seven rounds of ammunition.


Funny thing about legal gun ownership.  Without a fix the cops would be limited to seven rounds but somehow, I’m thinking, the people who break laws….would not.  The police would be just like the rest of us courtesy of knee-jerk, progressive, legislation.

There are thousands of left wing ironies in the naked city…this is just one of them.

I’m sure they will just write some more legislation to fix that legislation.  Dig a ditch, fill it in.  Dig a ditch, fill it in.

While they are writing the fix to the fix, they might also want to do something about this, also from the new law they had to have…

Mental health experts say a new tougher New York state gun control law might interfere with treatment of potentially dangerous people and even discourage them from seeking help.

The law would require therapists, doctors, nurses and social workers to tell government authorities if they believe a patient is likely to harm himself or others. That could lead to revoking the patient’s gun permit and seizing any guns…

People most likely to need treatment, who also happen to own fire-arms, who may or may not pose a risk, will simply avoid seeking treatment, to ensure they do not lose their firearms, even though they may at some point present a risk by failing to seek treatment.

Cuomo Gun Law – Cops and Mentally Ill Hit Hardest.

Exit Question:  If some small percentage of truly mentally ill patients, who refuse to seek help because of the law, ever make the leap to mass killings…will they limit themselves to the seven round magazine as well?

Ht Tip: Hot Air