Show Your Opposition To A New Hampshire Beer Tax Increase [Updated – Gov Hassan Would Veto Beer Tax Increase]

NH Dems look to change the meaning of 'Beer Money"Two days ago I weighed in on HB 168 which would make New Hampshire’s beer tax the highest in New England.

Today, I was surfing social media and I discovered a petition to stop the beer tax.

Stop the Beer Tax – The Petition Site »

The petition has been sponsored by our friend Pam Tucker and comes to the Grok’s humble Internet abode thanks in part to another friend of liberty, George Lambert, who had it posted on Google+.

Tap into the momentum.  Tell the nice taxaholic Democrats not to extract another $4  million dollars a year from the state economy just so they can add three state employees to the payroll to help them spend it.

UPDATED: NH Governor Maggie Hassan has indicated that were the legislature to pass the beer tax increase she would veto that tax.  WMUR has the report.

For some reason alarm bells are still going off in my head.  Why is that?