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NHJournal – Maybe I jumped the Gun On the Importance of Spelling…

I may have been a bit premature when I titled my first Blog “NHJournal – Where Spelling Is More Important Than Integrity.

Just for a refresher, Shawn Millerick thought it would be funny to point out how I left a letter out of his first name and misspelled Pat Hynes last name (My spell checker keeps trying to change it to Haynes by the way).  Typos! -Going for the jugular.  And I pointed out that I could fix the typos but that his lying to his readers, for what I can only assume was as a favor to the NH-GOP political establishment power-brokers, might not be so easy to fix.  (And if he just did it for kicks and not the GOP would that be better or worse?)

While integrity is still an issue (now and forever) it turns out he has some other problems as well, and they are pretty damn funny considering.  Pull quotes from Mr. Millerick’s piece, please…

On Tuesday, the New Hampshire chapter of Americans for Prosperity bestowed upon GraniteGrok’s Steve MacDonald the lofty title of ‘Blogger of the Month.’

Actually, the news release is dated the 17th, which was Monday, not Tuesday.  Calendars were invented before 1925, right?  It’s also a national award from AFPhq, reported through the New Hampshire chapter if you must know.

And I did mention spelling…

That said, it also seems like we should note who Steve Macdonald keeps company with. It’s really just best to let their words for speak for themselves.

You spelled it, MacDonald, earlier (a few times) and you spell it Macdonald here.  Which is it?  I don’t care but if you are going to throw stones…and in the very article in which you throw them?  Sad.

More? OK!

Referring to professional women as ‘skirts’ has become something of a trend among MacDonand and his fellow ‘Grokers.

Nitpicking…it’s Groksters, not Grokers (unless you are being clever in which case Bravo!).  And in this sentence, you spell my last name MacDonand. (The “l” is up and to the right of the ‘n,’ but then a wordsmith like yourself would already know that.)

One more point.  Thanks for inviting me back to your sandbox.  So far it’s been great fun.

(And yeah.  I saved a copy of the web page for posterity.)

Update:  Will Millerick correct these embarrassing errors more quickly than he wrote a retraction for his fabricated story about a meeting with Jack Kimball, Skip Murphy, Joe Barton, Diane Bitter,… and maybe Santa Clause and Bigfoot, I can’t recall exactly?  Wait.  Did he write a retraction yet?