What's 5% of 4 Billion? - Granite Grok

What’s 5% of 4 Billion?

Lucas saved 5% of 4 billion by not waiting to sell Lucasfilm to DisneyAnswer:  The amount of money George Lucas saves by selling Lucasfilm now instead of waiting until 2013 when the long term capital gains tax on the sale of assets held more than one year rises from 15% to 20%.

And Lucas is already a liberal-hypocrite-weenie so don’t expect him to invest the difference in a Solyndra, or carbon sequestration, or some battery plant.  He’s a hypocrite, he is not stupid.  And he also knows this: he built that.  It is his money.  And he is entitled to it.  And I agree.  I’d much rather he have that 5% than the Federal government.

Of course, being in the hypocritical Hollywood bubble we should not expect him to translate that fundamental principles of property rights out into any other relationship between government and the people.  That would just be crazy-talk.