If There Is Only One Candidate Left for NHGOP Chairman....? - Granite Grok

If There Is Only One Candidate Left for NHGOP Chairman….?

FRIENDS – WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need you to attend your local GOP Caucus (listed below) and offer your name as a candidate for delegate (State Committee) . There will be a vote at the caucus, and if you win, you will then attend the January 26th Annual Meeting and will have the opportunity to vote for Jennifer for NHGOP Chair. If you have any questions let us know!

This was posted, I am told, on Jen Horn’s Facebook page. Seeing as no one else is currently (publicly) left to oppose her, this seems like an odd thing to post.  Perhaps there are other contenders waiting in the wings to oppose the establishment?

That might make it worth getting involved.

If you’d like to vote for someone else–and I suspect there will be someone else–then you too must attend and offer your name as a candidate.

The county Caucus dates and times provided by Horn are on the jump

2012 Caucus Dates:

Derry –November 13,7:30p…m

Strafford County –November 24,9:00am

Sullivan County –December 1,9:00am

Merrimack County –December 6,6:00pm

Cheshire County –December 8,9:00am

Hillsborough County –December 8,9:30am

Grafton County –December 9,1:00pm

Coos County –December 10,7:00pm

Belknap County –December 12,6:30pm

Manchester –December 12,7:00pm

Rockingham County –December 12,7:00pm

Carroll County –December 13,7:00pm

Concord –December 13,7:00pm

Nashua –December 13,6:00pm