Conservative Guide to Dealing With Rioters

Rioters come to your neighborhood...Protected by 2nd amendmentThe left likes to accuse the Right of voter intimidation, but then says things like–if you don’t vote for Obama you are a racist, you hate women, you hate poor people, and if that doesn’t work….we’re going to riot.

Given the trajectory of things my guess is that the inner city lefties will be eating their own come November 6/7 (…) because that is who will most likely suffer from any such displays of violence, but just in case this stupidity or any stupidity (if it occurs as promised), should spill out into a neighborhood near you and directly threaten or endanger your lives, your families, or your property, I’ve provided a very simple ‘Conservatives Guide to Dealing with Rioters.’


1) “Stop or I’ll shoot.”

2) If they don’t stop, shoot.


Repeat as needed.

The end.