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Breaking News: Laughton Resigns

The union leader is reporting this morning that newly elected Democrat House member Stacie ‘The Beloved‘ Laughton (Hills Dist 31/Nashua) has decided to resign.

Laughton is disappointed, and states that no one asked her to resign, but that she was asked to consider all the things that have been presented.

Call me cynical but if you are elected to a post, and some unpleasantry from your past emerges, and people ask you to ‘consider’ things…they want you to resign.  They are just afraid to say it because their identity politics prevents them from going on the record.

Personally, I’m not done with this and it has nothing to do with Laughton.

I want to hear all the excuses from the likes of the Keene Sentinel, Portsmouth Herald, Concord Monitor, and Nashua’s own Telegraph.  Why?  It is their fault Laughton had to resign.

Had they been as diligent with vetting Democrats as Republicans, this criminla past would have all been public knowledge, Laughton would have dealt with it, and if the folks in Hills-31 had elected her anyway, then it would not have been an issue after that.

Nice job Telegraph.  Your bias just cost Laughton her seat.


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