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RINO Hunting…Targeting Six of the Biggest Incumbent RINO’s in the New Hampshire House

No More RINO's - RLCNH puts up the records they must run onThe RLCNH has some fact filled Internet nuggets for us to chew on, and they are all RINO flavored.

That’s right, once again the liberty Republicans have to come out and remind everyone else about the records of progressives who have been hiding under the trunk of the Republican Party for…in some cases…a very long time.

And there is a very consistent theme among them.  They are all endorsed by the SEIU.  They like more spending, more taxes, and less liberty.  They are the (r)epublicans that get support from public sector unions (with the addition of Firefighters, most of whom are Democrats planted in the GOP by the PFFNH and the NHDP).  And whenever anyone calls them out…Democrats run to their defense.

But there is a primary next week and all six of the candidates on this particular list is in a position to be sent packing if Real Republicans come out and vote for Real Republicans.

These are (for the record)  but a tiny sample of the years of progressivism on display by each and every one of these RINO’s.    But they give you a taste–a bad one at that–of how they have stood against the Republican party platform all these years.  A practice that can and should come to an end Next Tuesday.

We’ve target six of the biggest RINO incumbents, each and every one a progressive that needs to be shown the door.  Visit each site for bill numbers and all the ratings and scores they received by various Republican, Conservative, and Liberty Groups across New Hampshire.  (And by all means, please share.)

Julie Brown: (visit The Real Julie Brown.com)

Julie likes the idea of an income taxe, public unions, big state budgets, is averse to the idea that parents have certain natural rights over their own children, she’s ok with the feds forcing Obamacare on us,  and the public school monopoly.


Peter Bolster: (visit The Real Peter Bolster.com)

On Prosperity he got an ‘F.’   Families and Education…F.   On Liberty he got a ‘C’ and gun rights a D+.  But the SEIU endorsed him so he must support what they support…which is what Democrats want. (ruh-roh!)


Priscilla Lockwood: (visit: The Real Priscilla Lockwood.com)

Priscilla also wants to be able to give you an income taxes, favors public unions, big state budgets, is also averse to the idea that parents have certain natural rights over their own children, would embrace Obama-care,  and she favors protecting the public school monopoly–no poor kids getting a leg up from that evil private sector.  Make them stay in the government schools where they belong.


Bill Remick: (visit The Real Bill Remick.com)

Bill Likes the idea of ObamaCare–or at least the idea of federal mandates upon state and local government, does not favor school choice, voted against reducing the burden of the state government on taxpayers, and would like to continue to enjoy the opportunity to some day pass an income tax…just in case he needs it I guess,

Susan Emerson: (visit The Real Susan Emerson.com)

SEIU Endorsed, Susan is reluctant to keep government small and efficient.  She’s inclined to keep it bigger and more expensive, and that’s probably why Obama’s Socialist thugs at the SEIU want to keep her in Concord.  And her score card and ratings with Republican, Conservative, and Liberty groups…pathetic.


Tim Copeland: (visit The Real Tim Copeland.com)

Another SEIU endorsed progressive (which they all are, by the way), Tim’s proud to have voted against restoring local control of eduction, proud to have stood between less fortunate students and their ability to afford more education choices, proud to prevent workers from choosing to join a unions–like any good SEIU stooge choice is not permitted, and prefers to make it as easy as possible for the legislature to spend your money.



So that’s the short list, but what a list.  (Search any one of them on GraniteGrok for even more RINO fun!) And yes, you’ll each have your own favorite RINO among those not listed here, and we encourage you to do what you can to expose their records, and replace them with actual Republicans, but for right now we are focused on the big six, and we hope you’ll turn out on Tuesday September 11th, to help us turn them out, by making them stay home next session, during which time they should consider becoming independents, or more appropriately, Democrats, for their next run at public office.

One final note.  If they truly are the incumbent RINO’s we believe them to be, every one that gets primaried out…will run a write in campaign.   They can’t help it.   They are addicted to the energy and influence of spending other peoples money.  And they don’t care if they siphon off votes and let Democrats get elected.  Next best thing to them.

Mark my words.