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Loony Democrat Say’s She’ll Vote for SEIU Endorsed Republican

Loony Left DemocratsSEIU endorsed House candidate Kathy Stroud, running in a contested Republican Primary in Hillsborough District 21 (Merrimack), is a bit miffed that AFP went after her with mailers the weekend before the primary.  She has said as much on Merrimack patch.

The comments that follow her declaration are assorted, with a few folks pointing out, like I did on the Grok, that the SEIU/Union thing trumps anything good she may support for all the reasons I have mentioned in the past; the SEIU’s agenda is the far lefts agenda and nowhere do they separate.

So along comes one of Merrimack’s resident left wing standard bearers, Democrat Rosemarie Rung, to announce that Kathy Stroud has her vote.  Democrats supporting (r)epublicans who toe the leftist union-power agenda is no surprise but does Rosemarie know that she has her own primary to vote in?   Has she sacrificed her opportunity to choose a Democrat nominee for Governor to vote for Stroud?

Or was she planning to vote in both of them?