Read My Lips... - Granite Grok

Read My Lips…

Not to put too fine a point on it, if point is even the correct word, but do you know any women who base the scope of their human rights on their labia?  I don’t.   And having grown up through the sixties and seventies, my understanding of women’s rights was that it was supposed to be about everything else but the labia…and attendant structures, a desire to be viewed as something other than just a sex object.  As something other than just a…you know,  labia.

Well screw that.

Thanks to Democrats, women and women’s rights have been reduced to Labia politics, and we have a picture to prove it.

Republican Convention - Code Pink dressed as labiaHere is a picture of a woman, dressed up as a labia, holding a sign that says “GOP Respect women.”  It may be the funniest thing I’ve seen all week.  Seriously?  Respect Women?  You are dressed up as a Labia.

And it gets better.  The woman holding the sign has another sign–attached to her…labia, with the words…Read My Lips  GOP War On Women.  Once you get past the clever play on words, you are still left to unravel the contradiction of a Colony of Labia (A herd, flock, sounder, wake, or clouder?), standing in public, demanding…respect for their rights.

OK.  I hereby agree that all women have a right to a labia, in fact take two, one major, one minor.  Anyone object?  Motion carried.

The respect part though….I think you lost us.  And to be honest, dressed like that, I don’t think respect is what you are after.  I think what you are looking for is free stuff, and I’m not sure how far you will get dressed up like that, though I suspect that if you hung out near a truck stop or a naval base you might get some free drinks and a whole bunch of pictures of yourself passed out with truckers or sailors, posted on Facebook, and maybe even a little more than you bargained for, but hey, you’re a grown woman, walking around in public, dressed up like a labia, of your own free will.   You clearly know something about respect that the rest of us do not.

But whatever it is you think you know,  might I leave you with some free advice?   You’d better not wear that outside the Democrat National Convention.  Bill Clinton will be there and if he sees you he’ll never make it inside for his speech.  But if you are looking for free stuff, he might offer you a cigar.

 Picture Courtesy of Hot Air