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Does Democrat Matt Houde Have Other Conflicts of Interest…?

 Health care Lobbyist Matthew Houde  has an unreported conflict of Interest?
Paid Health Care Lobbyist - Matt Houde

Given the news that Democrat State Senator Matt Houde (D-State Senate District 5) became a paid lobbyist for the states largest health care provider in October on 2011, I am beginning to wonder how many health care or insurance related vote he made in the 2012 session of the New Hampshire State Senate that could have had an impact on his employers bottom line?

I do not believe I have the time needed to research that potential problem in detail so I am just asking the question for now.

But I think the voters in New Hampshire Senate District 5 deserve to know if Democrat State Senator Houde, who clearly has a conflict of interest issue as a lobbyist given his membership on the Joint Health Care Reform Oversight Committee, has similar blind spots when it comes to his role as their State Senator.