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What The…? How About That NH Ranking Report Thing Take 2…

WordPress ate my post….

Sorry.  I tried to add links from reports released in 2012 to the previous post and WordPress nuked me.  I lost some stuff.  It was a regular Shakespearean tragedy.  But I’m not giving up so let’s try this again.

New Hampshire is awesome and despite  “TEA party Republicans” eliminating the 800 million dollar deficit Democrats admitted to leaving (without raising taxes,)  writing a state budget that came in 1% under actual revenue (without all the tears and chest pounding and left-wing make-believe), and even after they added money to the Health and Human Services budget over the previous budget (shhh, that’s a secret),  we are still one of the best places in the nation to live.  As if you didn’t know that.

Point being, the narrative from the Democrats is the sacrifice of women and children on the TEA Party alter, and that is simply not the case.   In the 2012 reports New Hampshire is number one on children and families, number two on health, and number 1 to 3 on safety in the nation depending on which factors you look at.

Republicans didn’t sacrifice anything but the bad spending and revenue practices left by the departing Democrats.  The Republicans returned us to the kind of stewardship that got us where we are today and saved us from the brink of broad based taxes which would have been the beginning of the end of New Hampshire’s dominance at the top of almost every leading indicator of overall quality of life.

To heck with the chatter, how about some links…

2012 Healthiest   New Hampshire #2

2012 Report Kids Count   (Child and Family Well being) New Hampshire #1

2012 Least violent /most peaceful (Peace Index) New Hampshire #3 (ME, VT, and NH have more or less owned the top 3 spots for at least a decade; it’s all the law abiding, concealed carry, gun owners don’t you know.)

2012 Lowest homicide rate in the nation, lowest poverty rate, and more…

2011 Most Liveable (we’ve actually been number for a long time…)

More to follow…(still cleaning up after the crash.)