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When Progress Now Speaks – No One Should Listen

Zandra Rice Crispy-Treats Hawkins (ZRCTH) was on WGIR AM 610’s Political Roundtable the other morning with Andrew Manuse, Andrew in Studio, Zandra by phone–a strategic move that allowed her to suck up all of Andrew’s time because Andrew (in my opinion) was too polite to just talk over her.  And Suck she did. But she is trained to suck.  As the Progress Now sock puppet in New Hampshire she follows their plan to use whatever language is necessary to dupe the people in New Hampshire into embracing the Liberal/statist tax and spend agenda.

ProgressNow State Partners serve as non-stop, multi-issue advocacy organizations. Year-round, we promote progressive ideas and causes with creative earned media strategies, targeted email campaigns, and cutting-edge new media.

Political campaigns are relatively short-lived; they come and they go, leaving little behind of lasting value. ProgressNow’s presence in our states never ends.

ProgressNow State Partners excel in this area. Each ProgressNow State Partner organization has full-time staff who are experts in media communications, online campaigns, earned media and new media.

Put simply, ProgressNow (funded by progressive millionaires with more money than the Koch brothers) supports the state partners (like ZRCTH) and trains them to be experts in left wing propaganda tactics across all forms of media, with an emphasis on using local issues to advance national Democrat statist party goals.

So how did that work out?

The parts I was able to hear were dominated by Zandra’s left wing utopian rhetoric and Democrat Party talking points, white washed with a pasty patina of local relevance.  But I have to hand it to her.  She earned her out of state paycheck.  She slipped in every dopey progressive meme in the ProgressNow playbook, one of which touched on an issue I’ve been speaking to recently.

She quipped, in the midst of another left wing laundry list rant of so-called Republican crimes against the Welfare State, that the NH Legislatures ten cent reduction in the tobacco tax was “bleeding revenue.”  That’s a direct quote.  Bleeding Revenue.

Rut Roh Raggy.

Democrats always argue–and yes, Zandra is a Democrat—that they support increasing the tobacco tax (even though it is regressive tax) because smoking…is bad.  They insist that the tax increase will stop (slow) or keep kids from taking up the habit.   But if the real objective, as Zandra Rice Crispy Treats Hawkins implies, is to “stop the bleeding (of Revenue),” and by extension collect more revenue, then raising the tax is not the answer.   Raising the tax not only reduces long term revenue from tobacco, it also punches huge holes in other sources of revenue Democrats rely on to fund more government as people who used to come here to buy cheap cigarettes stop coming altogether and buy nothing else while they are not here.  Higher tobacco taxes equals less revenue all over and less revenue means either less government or new taxes.

Which do you think ProgressNow’s Zandra “out of state paycheck” Rice Crispy Treats Hawkins supports?  The correct answer is more taxes.

And Zandra does not care if she is legalizing plunder, the act  of using the power of law to relieve the people of their legally earned incomes, because she does not believe the income belongs to you.  She is a progressive.  Her arrogant hypocrisy is so great that in the same breath in which she can insist that what a woman does with her body is her own business and is entitled to constitutional protection from government intrusion she can then state that any expression of that same liberty (in the form of labor exchanged for income–as in your work-a-day paycheck)–is subject wholly to the will of the state; that is to say, the government lets you keep some of what you earned with that same body and you’d best be happy about that because government can take more whenever they (or she) thinks they need it.  For ZRCTH the  correct answer to any question is always more taxes.

But if more taxes equaled more revenue California wouldn’t have a 16Billion dollar deficit would it?  Nor would California be “bleeding” jobs, residents, and businesses.  And who is raising more taxes than California?  So pardon the broken record, but lowering the tobacco tax never had anything to do with increasing tobacco revenue and everything to do with increasing business taxes without having to raise taxes.  And it seems to be working.  So the only thing bleeding around here is Zandra’s liberal heart and her ProgressNow rhetoric.  And her vision of government rule?  It is that of an economic tyrant, one that has never worked to accomplish any of the things she continues to attribute to it in the scope of human history.  The only thing her vision of government has ever accomplished was debt, dependence and economic tyranny.


(Disclosure: Andrew is the Executive Secretary of the RLCNH on whose board of Directors I am a Member.)