New Hampshire vs. European Union: We win.

Damn. I can’t resist sending this article along. Forbes magazine is just too good. The quote that follows is from “”Let’s Face the Facts: Greece is Cooked, Along With Merkel.” Interestingly, it explains why New Hampshire—with the GOP super-majorities under the extraordinary effective leadership of Speaker Bill O’Brien—is going to become “the little state

House Speaker Bill O'Brien
New Hampshire! (

that can…be an American Hong Kong.” From the Forbes article about the collapsing European Union: “One option never considered is the Austrian School plan of lowering tax rates, cutting capital gains taxes to zero, reducing spending, sharply reducing regulations, and enacting sound monetary policy.  This would upset the envy and control agenda of the Marxism/Socialism mentality.  But it is the only way to build prosperity successfully.  See Hong Kong and Singapore for the outcome.”

(Intelligent people from elsewhere may also want to take a look at New Hampshire…to see how we’re breaking out of the New England statist economic paradigm.) You can read the whole Forbes article online HERE.