Mental Recrement 5-31-12 "Got Big Plans?" - Granite Grok

Mental Recrement 5-31-12 “Got Big Plans?”


USSFCU-Mailer-445x270Got Big Plans?  The United States Senate Federal Credit Union would like to help you save for them.  Even if they happen to be…um…large firm breasts.  They don’t actually say that, but a recent mailer (focus of which accompanies this post to the left) suggests that the USSFCU (no connection to the actual US Senate) has an open mind about what might be on your wish list.  And it looks like whether you appreciate that or not, they are there to…give you a bit of a lift if you want it.

Last night at the NHGOP Victory Dinner, Governor Mike Huckabee said on revising Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats rhetoric on the need to pass Obamacare, (and I’m paraphrasing) “They won’t know what they ate for dinner until after they pass it.”

Potential candidate for the worst movie ever? Coming soon…Piranha 3DD.  (Cleavage warning)