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Obama, Birth of Hope (Ack!)

I was in the midst of a two year run with New Hampshire Taxpayer Radio when Obama and the Democrats were elected so I have file folders full of weekly show notes (not unlike Rush Limbaugh’s daily ‘stack of stuff’).  There is a good deal of material there and I don’t venture into the printed pile often, but I had to find something (which I did) but not before stumbling across this glorious discovery (on the jump).

It is from an October 2010 edition of The Weekly Standard’s parody page, only this was not a parody.  It was an example of just how badly a majority of American’s had been fooled by the Great Deceiver–Barack Obama–and how obnoxious the cult of personality had become; a sin they would punish his party for (at least a little bit), a few weeks after this issue was printed, in the November 2010 blow out.

Go ahead and click on it so you can read the copy.  It’s so…hopeful.  Though probably worth about as much now as that six-pack of Billy Beer in the garage from the Carter Administration.

It would have been much more accurate if this cute baby was wearing a black panther t-shirt and had a Binky shaped like a night stick; the word ‘Shabazz’ stitched along the cuff of the sleeve instead of ‘Yes we can.”  That would have been closer to the truth.

Obama, Cult of Personality -Obama Birth of Hope Doll