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God Bless Joe McQuaid and the Union Leader!

Says McQuaid in a Union Leader editorial today: “Banning a personal income tax in New Hampshire by means of a constitutional amendment makes all the sense in the world — unless, of course, you like the idea of such a powerful and corrosive government confiscation of your money. With Democratic gubernatorial candidates once again refusing to pledge to veto such a tax, this November’s ballot is the perfect place and time to let the people have a direct say on a matter that has been so crucial in protecting the New Hampshire Advantage.” Oh! You say you’re a Regressive or some other type of Statist? Perhaps a socialist or other type of collectivist? And you don’t believe in God? Well then, “Freedom bless Joe McQuaid, the publisher of the Union Leader!”

Oops! You say that as a statist you don’t believe in freedom either? Too bad for you! Read the entire editorial HERE anyway. (One interesting thing about these editorials is the commentary following each one: There are usually state employees whiling away their day trying to boost the size, reach, and riches of state government…but the conservatives and libertarians always win the arguments. LOL!)