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Another Challange To Carol SEIU-Porter in CD-1 Primary

Matt Hancock just abother cookie cutter Progressive
Donkey Cookie Cutter

Portsmouth Democrat Matthew Hancock announced this week that he has added his name to the list of primary pimping Progressives wishing to mount a challenge to the GOP held first congressional district seat in New Hampshire.   But after reading Matt’s press release I’m not quite sure what he brings to the table that is any different than the left wing clone-troopers already running?

The thrust of the missive is simple.  Stop screwing around and spend some more damn money.

He comes at it in a round-about way.  Job creation being paramount, any debate about debt simply distracts our attention from what is needed; spending tax dollars to create jobs.  With this broken record approach Hancock makes it clear that he is just another cookie cutter Democrat reading crib notes off Democrat  State Chairman Ray Buckley’s blotter.

“Debt and deficit spending is good. Government sending creates jobs.”   This is written next to a scribbled out note from the 2008 campaign that reads “pillory GOP for irresponsible debt and spending.

“Republican job creation plans do not include spending therefore they are not job plans and are obstructing job creation.” (see note above.)

“We have to save medicare and Social security for future generations.”  (Maintain failed welfare state on the verge of collapse.)

“blah blah blah”

Hancock’s most notable claim on the nomination, according to my admittedly lazy Google search, is not his age.  (He is only 25 years old.)  It is about $4100.00 in donations to cookie-cutter, left wing progressives like himself back in the 2010 cycle. There is no immediate indication that he is anything but Boy-Shea-Porter.  So the only difference between the Democrat primary candidates so far is that one of them happens to be a black woman and we know the racists in the New Hampshire Democrat party will not nominate the black woman. (When she does not win the primary, I will have been proven right.)

Not that it matters. Given that they are all popped out of the  same cutter,  one thing remains certain.  No matter which Donkey Cookie they decide on, it’ll still taste like ‘Ass.’