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I don’t want to hear another word from Mo Baxley about outside money

Ever since the Democrats so ticked off NH voters and replaced them with a super-majority of Republicans (BTW,
the voters labeled the Democrats as the extremists
), I’ve been hearing about gay marriage being "settled law", complaints that outside money is coming in to defend traditional marriage and repeal gay marriage, and "why aren’t you concentrating on getting more jobs" and "Republicans and Conservatives are just haters" – simply because we disagree politically. 

Yet, when the Democrats decided that with their super-majority that they would force gay marriage into NH, thousands upon thousands of dollars came in from outside the state, as well as activists, to flip the State from traditional to gay marriage.  Just ask Gov. Lynch how much money he did get from that gay event, Outgiving 2100,  to flip his promise to the people of NH that he was a traditional marriage supporter? 

And more is coming in – again! An alert reader sent this to me from The Lobby (paywall, but signing up for a 2 week freebie is easy):

OK Snitcherinos, did you hear the one about the Big Apple-based pro-gay marriage group that hired the co-author of the book, "Sarah Quaylin: Left-Wing Smear Attacks on Rogue Conservatives," as its lobbyist in Concord?

It did, and he is.

The new lobbyist for the New Hampshire branch of an outfit that calls itself Standing Up For New Hampshire Families is one Tyler Deaton, author of the "Sarah Quaylin" book. And he’s the hired gun.


Turns out that the Standing Up outfit was supposed to be a deal of the New Hampshire Freedom to Marry group, which duly held a press confab to announce the new bit. But shortly thereafter the NYC-based national Freedom to Marry group and the Human Rights Coalition incorporated Standing Up as a standalone. Then they so nicely cut off all funding to the NH Freedom peeps and hired said Monsieur Deaton.

The part that irks Mo Baxley of NH Freedom to Marry most is not only that she’s got the funding cutoff, but that Deaton, et al. are allowing GCers and the like to think that THEY’RE the NH Freedom to Marry group.

So the next time, Mr. Deaton talks, you can say "Hey, you live here often?".  And I can’t think of a better person to get double-crossed than Mo Baxley on this issue.  Next time you rail about Cornerstone, evangelical Christians, National Organization for Marriage and other traditional marriage supporting groups, I’ll just keep pulling this post up.  And up.  And up again.

Oh wait!  Let’s see, there’s also Shrill Kathy, Ray Buckley…..

And for the record, I do support the efforts to unplug gay marriage that the Democrats passed with all that outside influence.

After all, Mo, you wouldn’t be willing to put the whole issue to a vote by all the voters in NH, would you?  Just call it "The Freedom to Vote" movement.  As a Liberal, have the conviction of your ideals – since OWS is all about "direct democracy", why not let us ALL have a say in what society recognizes for norms of behavior, eh?