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What Steve Mac Donald said about NH politics below…

…also applies to our national politics in Washington, DC. Those %*#@! Tea Partiers won’t shut up. Worse yet, having helped win a historic GOP landslide election that the Old Republicans could never have pulled off, they now won’t take their seats in the back of the bus like the establishment pols are telling them they must. Best example on the national scene, from an excellent article in Human Events naming Sen. Jim DeMint "Conservative of the Year" :

On November 3, 2010, Jim DeMint wrote an open letter to tea-party backed candidates in the Wall Street Journal.  He advised, “Co-option is coercion. Washington operates on a favor-based economy and for every earmark, committee assignment or fancy title that’s given, payback is expected in return. The chits come due when the roll call votes begin. This is how big-spending bills that everyone always decries in public always manage to pass with just enough votes.  But someone can’t be bribed if they aren’t for sale.”

The letter made a number of his Republican colleagues in the Senate furious.  But the letter also put Senate Democrats on notice that the incoming Senate Republicans were not going to roll over.  DeMint, more so than most other politicians, fully understands the tea party movement because he largely shares their world view.

Read the entire article HERE. I think this has something to teach us about the situation in New Hampshire, and the race for the chairmanship of the state Republican Party….