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GralkTALK! – Time to get back and be serious


Saturday morning at 9 – 11 am!



A mixture of politics, culture, current events, and well, politics, it is an Internet Radio show streaming live audio and video directly from GraniteGrok.  Using a solidly Conservative and Rational Libertarian lens, we’ll take on almost any topic and have notables from the news, political figures, authors, and other opinionated folks for your edification and amusement.

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(and video when UStream cooperates, see below). Podcasts will also be available after the show (usually within a day or so). Again, we apologize for last week’s over-ambitious "road trip" show technical difficulties.

New day with a new dawn – and a new show!  This week, our planned show includes:

Republican candidate for US Congress in NH’s First Congressional District, he’ll be on to talk about his campaign, his differences in philosophy with his opponent, and what might be some of his ideas when he goes to DC.

He is the former Mayor of New Hampshire’s largest city, Manchester. First elected in 2005, Frank has spent the past two terms working to deliver on his campaign promises by reducing violent crime and giving citizens the first tax cut in a decade.  Frank has a strong history of public service:

    • Two terms as Mayor of Manchester (NH’s largest city),
    • Two terms as an Alderman
    • Twice as a State Representative from Manchester.

As an elected official, Frank has consistently fought to get violent criminals off the streets, reduce the tax burden on citizens and improve the business and family climates of New Hampshire.

Keeping his promise to increase police complement, Manchester has seen a 10% increase of officers on the streets and a 15% drop in violent crime.  He also proposed three tax cuts, worked for zero based budgeting, cut capital spending and proposed fiscally sound consolidations. He believes in difficult economic times it is imperative that government reduces–not increases–the burden on residents.

Frank holds a Bachelors Degree from Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts and a Masters Degree in Intellectual Property from Franklin Pierce Law Center in Concord, NH.

Frank and Morgan live in Manchester with their two children, Colby and Jack. 

Executive Director for Americans for Prosperity, he will be talking about NH SB500. Signed into law by Governor John Lynch, it mandates the early release of criminals from prison (albeit with supervision).  We’ll discuss the ramifications of that new law on the citizens of NH (safer, more at risk?). AFP’s ad can be seen here.

UPDATE: Corey is unable to physically make it up to our studio today – we are hoping that he might be able to do a call in instead.

And a number of the topics of the day gathered from all over the blogosphere!

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WHEW! It all starts at 9AM EST – 11am Saturday. Tune in live on the ‘Net here… We will be the place to be!