Chandley/Dokmo Take Over The Amherst Citizen - Granite Grok

Chandley/Dokmo Take Over The Amherst Citizen

If you read the Amherst citizens October 26th edition you won’t be wondering how people feel about Cynthia Dokmo’s Write-In campaign or whether Shannon Chandley is a good candidate.  Of the twenty-seven (27) letters to the editor in this week’s edition, seventeen (17) mention either Dokmo or Chandley favorably, with at least one mentioning both.  (The Republican RINO Dokmo lost her primary bid and has endorsed democrat Chandley.)

The other ten political letters are for Bass, Hassan, Holden, Pennington, Blevin, two for Coughlin, two for all republicans, and one about annoying political ads.

Now I don’t live in Amherst, nor do I spend much time reading the Amherst Citizen, but as far a LTE campaigns go, this is an impressive display of coordination among democrats.  (Dokmo is a democrat, she just plays a Republican at election time.)  The only other explanation is that the Amherst Citizen has been taken over by the editors at the Cabernet Press and we are simply seeing the same old use of resident letters to advance their political agenda

Whatever the score, the Dokmo/Chandley tag team dominated the last issue of the Amherst Citizen to hit print before Novemebr 2nd.

And if there happens to be a dozen Republicans who wrote letters that never got ink that week, you might want to keep an eye on that paper.  If not, you should ask yourselves why?