GrokTalk! - Live Streaming - Granite Grok

GrokTalk! – Live Streaming

GrokTalk! – Live Streaming!

Yes, the Groksters are live each and every Saturday on GrokTalk! During the show, 9am – 11pm on Saturdays, we will be streaming the entire show.  It will start JUST before the show, but only a couple of minutes before, and will end pretty much at the end of the show (for now).  So if you want to join us:

                    Player choices:

                        WinAmp – Click  Here  
                        WinAmp or QuickTime – Click Here
                        Windows Media Player – Click  Here

Note: if there is a problem with Windows Media Player in listening to the stream and the "Click here" doesn’t work, follow the below instructions:

Open up Media Player, full mode, go to FILE, open URL, and paste in:

That should work.  If not, email us:    (you know what goes in between Skip and GraniteGrok!)

And if live video is your schtick – just watch here: