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Three Peanuts Were Walking Down The Road…

…One was A Salted.  Or, in the case of resident Jeff walker, assaulted–at least that’s what David Lovejoy candidate for Rockingham County Sheriff allegedly turned himself into the police for questioning.  This relates back to my 8/16 post (here) where I suggested after the fact–without knowing exactly what had transpired–that Mr. Walker might want to avoid Mr. Lovejoy.

Police are investigating the altercation, in which a political sign was moved.  The politician–candidate Lovejoy (R/D/R–no chance in hell now that he’s been arrested) confronted Farmer Walker about the finer points of right of ways and signs and property oh my! when some kind of unwanted contact occurred.  Mr. Lovejoy has been booked and released after paying 500.00 bail and is free to harass sign movers at his own risk pending an arraignment roughly 29 days after he comes in last in his primary. (Only democrat crooks and thugs can still win an election after being arrested which tells you all you really need to know about their base.)

And while I’m no criminologist, even without having seen the illegally released ‘annulled’ arrest record of David Lovejoy, I bet I can guess what he was arrested for previously.


(Update from Seacoast online.)