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Pests A Side

Suzanne Smith - Kill's Bug Killer DeadSuzanne Smith, (D-Hebron) wants the state government to regulate the use of weed and insect control products to limit what she calls cosmetic use. That’s the regular everyday kind, used in ordinary everyday ways. She claims that her focus is on places where children congregate like schools, playgrounds, day care centers, and that spraying for things like clover or dandelions (as examples) would not meet a need like might be the case with say stinging insects or poison ivy.  So she set up a study commission which has studied–under HB 1456–with the intention of writing a bill for the next session.  So Suzanne Smith would like the state to be be the final arbiter of all things lawn and bug care.

Is this really a role we want them to take?

Of course not.  Take her example of clover and dandelions being potentially unacceptable uses, (quoted from NH Watchdog).  Well what about children who are allergic to clover or dandelions? Would that not constitute a necessary use? Ms Smith would have put a regulator in the middle of that. And one child in the victim culture is all it takes.  Hundreds of kids have daily had to forgo their appreciation of peanut butter because one child is allergic. So we could very easily argue that a good dose of pesticide or weed killer might in fact  provide much needed relief in certain cases, improving health for miles-around to some small grieving voiceless minority. Isn’t that the foundation of the democrat party?  Are you prepared to squelch that power Ms. Smith?

And what about triple E and bird flu? Can we risk a reduction in casual use of such products and the incidental benefits they might offer to disenfranchised minorities who are forever finding themselves walking victim-magnets; pawns on the liberal chess board with social event horizons eternally cluttered with the media fueled debris of civil injustice. You know the minute a case of triple E arises people will be blaming the excessive regulation of over the counter bug sprays. Lord help us if it is the child of a migrant worker.

Maybe we could just extend that invented constitutional right to privacy into the back yard, would that work? Or you could just think of pest and weed control products as the environmental equivalent of RU 486. There would be rag weed abortificiant’s, or yard foggers to ensure insects don’t have to live with little insect ‘mistakes.’ Sounds mighty progressive to me.

Or is a state government that would sanction invasive surgery for minor aged girls without parental consent unwilling to let any so-called grown ups make these kinds of decisions without first consulting some state or local official? Is that what we need in the Granite State?

You know, there is definitely a pest problem relationship at work here, but it’s not your bill it’s legislators who feel like they have to write bills like this just to seem relevant.  So let’s just scrap that little nanny-state Bill of yours Ms. Smith, and instead of working on this legislation in the fall you can write the state motto on a chalk board 500 times. Make that 1000 times. Wouldn’t want you to forget it anytime soon.

(H/T NH Watchdog)