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The Wives Of Carroll County

File this under "well what do you know."  Apparently, if your wife has legally posed topless on an amateur internet porn site under an anonymous name, and you happen to be running for Carroll county Sheriff, and the party chairman finds out, you may have to abandon your campaign.

That appears to be the story involving Francis Lord, and his wife Kathy. (Check out the story, not Kathy, Here).  And as usual, subterfuge is suspected.

So add this to the list of things your better half had best not have ever legally participated in if you ever intend to run for public office.  Unless of course you happen to be a democrat.  Then its good for another 5-7 points in the primary polling, 10-12 if she’s hot, like long walks on the beach, supports abortion, and believes in global warming.  (Hee hee).

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